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Calculate water saturation

Possibilities of substrates are endless. To determine the expansion and absorption capacity of a new substrate, you can use the method below. For obvious reasons, it is clever to automate these calculations.

Take a sample of 100ml of dry substrate and weigh it
     100ml dry = 50g

By soaking or cooking, saturate the substrate with water. Let drain 15 minutes and measure the new volume
     100ml dry = 200ml wet

     Expansion ratio = Wet volume ÷ Dry volume
     200/100 = 2

Weigh the wet sample, and determine the amount of water
     50g dry = 125g wet

     Volume of water absorbed (per 100ml) = Wet weight - Dry weight
     125 - 50 = 75g = 75ml1)

     Conversion for 1 liter of dry substrate
     75ml water / 0.1L dry = 750ml / L dry

Calculate the amount of substrate necessary
     X = Number of one-liter pots
     Substrate need = (X ÷ Expansion ratio) * 70%2)
     Substrate need = (X/2) * 0.70

Calculate the water requirement
     Water need = Water absorption (per liter) * Volume of substrate moistened
     Water need = 750 *((X/2) * 0.70)

1) For water, the units of weight and volume are interchangeable
2) Allow 30% of free space to break the mycelium afterwards